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ZEAL & Jurassic Penguin has meant everything to me, its been the crossroads in my life.  The staff have been really encouraging and they challenge me to think.  I left school in Yr 12 and had no focus, now I am applying for a Bachelor in Social Practice, I’m finding my place in the world and what I want to do.

- Sam Deane (Guitar)

I played around with music a bit before ZEAL, but with all the resources I could try new things and explore music, it gave me so much more opportunity

- Matt R (Drummer)

I am reminded every week at Zeal, that there are people who believe in me. That I am capable of so much, and there is at least one thing I am passionate about and can put my heart and soul into!

- Maggie, 17 , Wellington

I honestly am so thankful for the amazing people at Zeal, without them I would be a completely different person. I wouldn't be singing, playing shows or know some of the most amazingly influential people I have ever met!"

- Michaele (17) Wellington

“music has given them purpose and meaning and an outlet for the things in this world that they can't understand or decide isn't right.  I have been told on many occasions that they never feel more alive than when they are playing music"

- Chris Horry

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